Custom Swim Spa Construction and Recessed Above-Ground Swim Spas

We can do either, but why buy a plastic tub? We can have you swimming in your own custom swim spa for less cost - and you'll get a solid swim spa that will last!

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The Pleasure Spas Advantage

Pleasure Spas has been the go-to company for above ground swim spa installations ranging from a basic concrete spa base and 220 volt electrical connection to elaborate recessed installations with a full masonry finish around them. In 2017 alone we installed over 50 swim spas. We have seen the demand for attractive, seatbench height swim spa installations, with the high costs and complexities involved with attempting to do this with above ground spas, and have come up with this lower-cost, simple and reliable therapy swim spa package.

We have developed out-of-the-ground reusable steel forms that have helped us streamline the construction, and lower the cost of this popular swim spa style to a level of affordability that cannot be matched by any pool builders in Tucson.

A Superior Permanent Swim Spa for Less Cost

Our swim spa features the Endless Pools® Fastlane® swim current system for the ultimate swimming exercise experience money can buy.

We invite you and your family to come see and wet-test the nicest display pool in southern Arizona! Complete with a Fastlane swim current system, swim jets, therapy jets and even a tether/harness system, you can experience everything aquatic exercise has to offer and decide for yourself what is right for you!

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Benefit Comparison

tucson swimming pool

What are the benefits of a Pleasure Spas swim spa over an above-ground swim spa?

  • More attractive appearance
  • More comfortable edge to sit around and easier to enter
  • Longer lasting and heavy-duty pool equipment
  • Customizable in size, shape, finish and equipment
  • Permanent concrete structure, stone and tile finishes
  • Better investment that will hold it's value over time, will not turn into an eyesore hazard like a portable spa does
  • Far less chance of ever developing a leak
  • Full 5' water depth for better water immersion

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What are the benefits of an above-ground spa?

  • Above-ground spas have contoured, comfortable seating
  • More jets in the seats
  • More comfortable acrylic surface
  • Able to be moved if they are set above ground

Pricing & Features

August 2019 Pricing

Swim spas are rapidly becoming the most popular choice for at-home aquatic therapy, exercise and relaxation. Their small size and ability to be used for more than just a spa makes them a good fit for many Tucson area residents.

Pleasure Spas, Inc. is proud to offer a true in-ground swim spa starting at the low price of $24,500 complete.

This swim spa combines the proven reliability and increased home value of an in-ground pool with the capability of year-round heating and the small footprint of a portable swim spa at lower cost than a comparable portable spa installation.

This package includes:

  • All plans and permits
  • Limited access excavation (only 42 inches of gate clearance needed) and haul away all dirt
  • Form swim spa to 18" finished height
  • Intelliflo 3.0 HP variable speed pump
  • 200 sq/ft cartridge filter
  • 50k BTU Raypak Heatpump Heater
  • 3 Wall returns plumbed with a loop
  • 6 therapy jets
  • 2 swimjets
  • Air Venturi
  • Auto-fill with anti-siphon valve
  • Safety channel main drain and pool-size skimmer
  • 100 Watt spa light with outdoor switch
  • GFCI outlet at equipment
  • Up to 50' of electrical runs total
  • Up to 20' of plumbing from equipment to swim spa
  • Entry step and bench seating in swim spa
  • 6" waterline tile - standard selection (upgrade options available)
  • White plaster interior finish (pebble upgrades available)
  • 12" wide travertine cap at the seat bench - standard size & color selections (upgrade options available)
  • Integral color stucco finish on the raised outside face
  • Locking hard cover compliant with pool barrier code

This pricing is for Pima County. Limited access charges, extra utility runs and barrier compliance are not included in this pool installation package. Any and all custom features can be added as follows.


Pebble finish $900.00
Ledgestone $900.00
Add Swim Current $9,000.00

Extra Charges by City and Area

City of Tucson and Marana $400.00
Sahuarita $800.00
Oro Valley $1,300.00
Green Valley and Saddlebrooke add 8% to total price

All other upgrades by bid.


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